Antebellum Abodes

Two hundred thirty-five. That’s how many pictures I’ve pinned on Pinterest in preparation for my dream house.

I have no idea what city, state, or country I’ll even end up in. But when I get to where I’m going, I will already have planned out what colors I’m painting the walls, what shower curtain I’m hanging up in my bathroom, and what stools I’m placing around my kitchen counter.

I want a big southern home.

A southern home is more to me than just a front porch and shuttered windows. I’ve got millions of different combinations and options stored in my head that make me squeal with excitement.

On the lake, the farm, or the field?

Classic white or bright turquoise?

A few big windows or lots of little windows?

A front porch, a side porch, or a wrap-around porch?

Rocking chairs or porch swings?

I want it all! So to cope with my indecisiveness, I guess I’ll just have to own multiple houses.

Therefore it is after much thought that I present to you the top five houses that every southern girl should live in.

1. The Plantation House

This is the house that pops into everyone’s heads when someone says “southern home.” With it’s white paint, sturdy pillars, and black shutters, the plantation house is a true classic. The large oak trees guiding guests down the path to this house offer a bold welcome. Can’t you just imagine grandparents sipping sweet tea in rocking chairs on the front porch? Or toddlers wearing dresses and bowties playing tag in the front yard? This house is definitely my top pick.

2. The Farmhouse

A more relaxed version of the plantation house, I feel that the farmhouse is more conventional. This house is very versatile. It would include everything you would need if it you were living on a farm. Or it would fit in nicely with the neighbors’ houses in the suburbs. What makes the farmhouse so iconic is how clean and polished it always looks. It gives off an antebellum vibe while allowing you to stay up to date with modern amenities without taking away from the house’s historical demeanor.

3. The Townhouse

If you love color as much as I do, I invite you to visit Rainbow Row. This beautiful display of colorful townhouses is located in Charleston, SC, on East Bay Street. Every house is painted a different color. In addition to the bold colors, my favorite part is the side porches featured on many of the townhouses. I had never seen anything like them before and I immediately fell in love. Townhouses are the perfect way to bring a little bit of the South into the city.

4. The Victorian House

Good luck getting your husband to let you move into this one… It’s very girly. But I think that only adds to the beauty of this style of houses. Victorian houses are some of the most unique and detailed houses out there. I have a theory that no two Victorian houses are the same. Strange shapes and interesting carpentry captivate everyone’s immediate interest. When dealing with a house with such a big personality on its own, it’s probably best to use muted colors on exterior paint jobs. You don’t want it to end up looking like the house from Up!

5. The Lake House

Because where else would you want to spend your free time? Seated on a plot of land just feet from the dock, the lake house provides the perfect opportunity for a quick weekend getaway or a long summer vacation. The flag pole out back adds to the quintessential southern comfort of this house. You’ll know you’ve made it to the good life when you have a matching boat house at the end of your extended dock with a boat and a few jet skis housed inside.


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